Your Success is Our Goal

As we all know, these are trying times for anyone that deals with the supply chain and buying, well, any kind of material.  We have had lots of people asking us to perform miracles to help get their products back on shelves.

They are either dealing with:

  • extra long lead times
  • rising costs to the material they use for packaging
  • no availability of material (Aluminum cans, paperboard, corrugate, etc.)
  • Problems with product not arriving on time
  • warehousing issues
  • co-packing issues

That is where we step in. Last week we performed our most recent miracle for a CPG company. They needed a huge rush on a custom 12 pack retail carton for their protein bars. Huge rush as in 3 days! Not a problem, we were able to make that work.

Then they needed over 500,000 custom retail boxes within the next month and we’re running out of time and options.  A very hectic week for our team as we scrambled to make sure we were able to help this business in need, and thankfully, we were able to come through.

Moral of the story.  If you or someone you know is dealing with pressures like this, please know you are not alone. And please know never to give up, because there is a company out there made to help in a time of need. We are here to listen and solve problems to help reach your goals.