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Mike Sloan

President, co-owner, and original founder of Elite Printing and Packaging

Mike Sloan is an avid Missouri Tigers fan, fitness enthusiast, and proud father, husband, and dog owner.

A graduate of University of Missouri, he started his career in the sales industry in 1988. Mike was hired by one of the largest independent printing companies in the United States, Office Electronics, Inc. (OEI), in 1992, and quickly made his mark in the printing and packaging industry. He worked at OEI for over a decade, where he had the opportunity to shine in the printing and packaging world. During his tenure with OEI, Mike was recognized as the top performer among nearly 100 other sales representatives and went on to break the company record for profitable sales.

He made the decision to start his own packaging and fulfillment company after OEI’s ownership was purchased in 2000, and in 2002, Elite Printing and Packaging was founded. Since it’s emergence, Elite has grown from a one-man operation to more than 50 employees. This talented and hardworking team is dedicated to delivering flexibility, outstanding quality, and proven cost-saving measures for every customer.

Every day, Mike continues to inspire Elite’s mission to seek excellence in every product and service that is provided to clients. He is passionate about providing the most innovative, highest quality and greatest cost-efficient packaging and printing solutions for both existing and prospective clients in a variety of industries.