I want to make a few posts at the end of the year highlighting the rare Linkedin Connection from a vendor that actually does their research to present relevant solutions.

Many of us on here repeatedly get hit up by sales reps from a number of companies. Most don’t bother to actually look as see what we do before pitching a service that isn’t needed (pro-tip: I sell pet food, I don’t care about your website security services).

Shoutout to Xavier White from Elite Printing. Their capabilities run from labels, IRC coupons, corrugate design, production, kit packing, and so much more. They have deep pet industry experience with some of the biggest and most complex pet manufacturers in the country and they can nail projects from small to large. We use a handful of different vendors for various printing jobs and Elite Printing is now in that group of Nulo suppliers.

Xavier, Thank you for always providing a unique perspective #OutsideTheBoxThinker. Thank you very much for everything you do.

Great Pet Industry ExperienceJoshua P.