Custom Beverage Can Shrink Sleeve

Shrink Sleeved Cans have become a proven, extremely successful package choice for craft beverage producers of all types.  Shrink Sleeves offer a high level of customization, both in brand identity and product offering, which has become the name of the game in the craft marketplace helping you stand out from the crowd.

Share your craft, energy drink or specialty drink in style. Shrink-sleeve beverage cans provide 360-degrees graphics coverage for maximum branding. Low, flexible quantities, sharp image quality and full-spectrum color tones create an eye-catching packaging solution for producers and consumers alike.

Elite Printing and Packaging believes having an innovative design produces a strong presence on the shelf, resulting in brand growth.

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Before After Shrink Sleeve

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PursuitCanWith Shrink Sleeve

When printing shrink sleeves on aluminum cans, most printing companies require a minimum order of one truckload, which is typically 150,000 cans or more. For small craft breweries, and those breweries with seasonal beers this one order could be more than your entire output for the year, many craft brewers are switching to cans nowadays, thanks to new labeling technology provide by Elite Printing and Packaging we have solutions for even those smaller runs.

Can wraps shrink sleeves offer maximum shelf appeal for your product while providing a more flexible packaging inventory scenario.

When shrink sleeves are heated, they form around the entire side of the can, including the curved areas. This gives you more real estate to add graphics and information to the label design.

This option also utilizes the container shape for 360 degree design. Plus, the printing is on the inside of the sleeve, so it’s harder to damage via abrasion. Cans have to survive in warm, cold and moist environments, including trucks, refrigerator cases, cars and ice-filled coolers. Shrink sleeves are plastic, and they don’t use adhesive, so they aren’t affected by moisture.

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