ePODS : The Regulation Busting Technology for CPG companies

So what is all the buzz?

image 50ePODS, Elite Print on Demand Solutions, was born out of a need to devise a solution for all the excessive waste and cash flow issues suffered by Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) companies with regard to printing and warehousing finished product.  In this world of constant regulation changes which require CPG companies to continually alter the ingredients or guaranteed analysis panels on packaging, Elite Printing & Packaging successfully concepted a way to bring the old Print on Demand technology to meet the much stricter standards of today.  Elite developed machinery that can digitally print and apply any size label onto flexible packaging which actually resembles print from an offset press.  Placed side by side, the difference is hardly detectable.

The benefits? Aside from saving hundreds of thousands of dollars per year, CPG companies can eliminate waste, increase time to market and can also freshen marketing claims and branding in record time.

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