Shrink Sleeves, Alternative to Labels

If your not familiar with shrink sleeves they are a specialty label that is printed on film for a complete 360 degree graphic coverage.  It is a seamless full body shrink sleeve packaging that can extend over the cap of your product to provide total tamper resistant packaging. At Elite, we [...]

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Believe That Your Visions Can Change The World

We all dream of owning our own business, but what is the turn-key solution? It’s Elite Printing and Packaging. We know you are an Entrepreneur, and understand all the hurdles and hats as a business owner you must endure. It is the growing pains you feel you must be a part [...]

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Strive To Entice New Customers with Creative Product Retail Packaging

Marketers are often tempted to cut prices during the summer months when sales are slow. Unfortunately, cutting prices also reduces your business’ profits. Instead of selling items for less than they’re worth, strive to entice customers to buy by boosting the perceived value of your products and services with a counter [...]

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7 easy ways to maximize your print ROI

The aim of any marketing campaign is a high return on investment. The good news is there are some simple but essential steps you can take to boost your print ROI and reach your desired outcome, whether that’s lead generation or sales. Are you doing these things to maximize your print [...]

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