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Temporary Floor Display


Visual merchandising is key to any successful marketing strategy and POP Displays are central to its success. In retail, one of the most effective ways to catch the eye of the consumer is to get your products off the shelves and into high-traffic areas. Match that with high-quality visual graphics and stable construction, and the possibilities are endless! So if you have a new product you are launching, or if you just want to highlight your existing product line, our customized POP retail displays are the perfect solution to ensure that your products stand out from the rest

Multi tiered POP or corrugated floor displays from Elite Printing and Packaging can be assembled with ease and come in a variety of styles and shapes.


Point Of Purchase Floor Display


Elite Printing and Packaging has a range of cardboard display stands for you! We can customize them with as many tiers or pockets you need for your products and design them to be brand specific

Why use point of purchase displays?

  • Attract customers
  • Increase sales, generate revenue
  • Create a further desire to purchase while customers are ready to buy
  • Establish brand awareness
  • Communicate important messages
  • Promote a product or a special in-store promotion
  • Provide great ROI for any budget
  • Simple and effective
  • Create a professional in-store customer experience
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For POP displays featuring cardboard structures, each structure will have a selection of products on display. In addition, there are often multiple ways to help your product stand out such as colors, typography, pricing information, logos, imagery, and photos on the display.

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