Pet Treat Flexible Packaging

If your looking for packaging for your pet treats, snacks, or supplements give one of our Business Development reps a call. They will be more than happy to help you with your bag or pouch solutions!

Elite offers a wide variety of cost-effective customized bags and pouches for your pet products including, pet food, treats, health supplements, toys and much more! You can also find a variety of other items packaged in these bags & pouches such as crackers, chips, cookies, pretzels, beef jerky, and many other types of food products. Stand up pouches may be right for you if you are looking for an affordable and environmentally friendly flexible packaging.

Furthermore, stand up pouches can be customized and printed with full color, edge to edge graphics and imagery that make them convenient to consumers.

Their widespread popularity is linked to the fact that they have a much lower carbon footprint than the alternative packaging materials and take up much less space in our landfills.

At Elite, we offer customized packaging that will elevate your brand image and offer your customers easy-to-use packaging with convenient features. Our goal is to experiment and explore everything from engineering to sustainability to find the best solutions for all your packaging needs.